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EVA & Latex


Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate co-polymer foam (EVA) is durable and versatile. It is the most common material used in the manufacturing of Footpoint orthotic insoles.


It is available in various colours, densities, stiffnesses & properties. This includes multi-density composites which allow for a strategic balance between cushioning and support. 90% of our EVA is "mill/grind friendly" meaning it carries no electrostatic charge and dust particles are easily managed. View available EVA variants here.

Our Footpoint Easycad CAD-CAM foot orthotic manufacturing technique means we can design and mill the foot orthotic to almost any shape to suit your application, and we can reproduce or adjust the design as needed, with very high accuracy. All orthotics are hand finished by expert technicians to your prescription.


Latex rubber foam is a soft, natural material and is very popular for arthritic joint management. Latex has become one of the biggest products used in Europe with an ageing population base. Latex Orthotics can be designed  in Easycad CAD CAM and milled similarly to our EVA.


Latex orthotics make a great pressure relieving foot orthotic!

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