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How to Order

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Our services are available to podiatry clinics. We manufacture orthotic insoles to your specifications. Contact us about your needs and get to know our capabilities, materials, and design methodology and how they can integrate into your practice.


Call: (07) 5474 0619 and ask for Scott

Set up your account using this form.


Online Ordering

To use prepaid online ordering you need a paypal account or a credit card that is not associated with any paypal account.

When you become a customer we will send you login details for our systems. This lets you access the forms and view pricing information.

EVA.Express will give you the fastest turnaround, simply upload your design, select the material and give us the patient details.

For designs with covers, additions and optional design service, you can use our EVA.Custom form.

Access the forms by hovering over "Order" in the menu bar above.


Use our script


We are currently developing a new online ordering system which will;

  • streamline the production of quality orthotics

  • make specifying scripts clearer

  • simplify payments and accounting

Until the system is implemented please use the script available here. Email completed scripts to or include them with your casts in the mail (be sure not to send casts without a script) .

Especially complex cases will still be handled via email and will be manually invoiced - get in contact to discuss your needs.


Note that we cannot diagnose conditions or generate treatment strategies, we simply make the orthotic devices to your specifications.

Footpoint CastScan Prescription Form.png


Casts, Foam Boxes, 3d-Scans



You can send us your plaster casts or foam boxes to;

FP Lab

2/26 Rene St

Noosaville Qld 4566

and we will scan them for you.


Send the script with the casts, and be certain the name of the patient is legibly written on the casts to avoid mix-ups. Please remember that mailing casts to us adds considerable time to complete the order due to shipping. It is common for casts and boxes to arrive somewhat damaged from the shipping process so pack them accordingly.

Casts are usually scanned from the outside (i.e. underside) so focus on getting the outside shape smooth and accurate to the patient's foot for best results.



  • Scans should be in STL file format. 

  • You can scan the patient's foot directly, or you can scan casts. For our system the general orientation of the scan is not critical.

  • Include the patient name and L or R foot in the file name.

  • Email scans to along with your script.

  • The unit scale should be 1 unit = 1 mm.

Our normal process for finding neutral is to level the plantar face of the forefoot and heel with the XY plane in the CAD software. From there any calcaneal correction is applied.


If you wish to use an alternate method, e.g. you want to set the heel angle perpendicular to the XY plane then you need to specify that and include a good scan of the heel to facilitate this.

neutral plane.png


Your CAD Designs


Sending a completed EasyCAD .ADM design file is the best way to ensure your complete exact control over the orthotic shape.

We will perform a finishing grind on all orthotics, by hand. This will consume around 2mm off the top edges and should be taken into account during design.


There is a practical limit to how thin the orthotic can be, it should be thicker than 1mm at all points or the material may tear during machining.


If you would like to try or purchase EasyCAD visit


For training in EasyCAD please send your expression of interest to

easycad example (Small).JPG




Select from our range of high quality EVA foams, Latex foam, or Poly. Combine with covers and mid layers to fine-tune the feel of the insoles.

See our current availability here. Click the drop-down at the top of the page, if a material is out of stock it will be noted there.


- Material density based on patient weight (heavier => denser)

- 2mm Grip top cover with Cambrelle bottom cover

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