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Get a 3d-scanner

There are huge benefits to using a 3d-scanner

We accept plaster casts and foam boxes, and can produce excellent insole designs based on them. However, you may find it more convenient and economical to take 3d-scans instead.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing 3d-scanning;

  • Save time - performing scans takes seconds, and you can see the results and take corrective action immediately.

  • Eliminate postage - no need to carefully package the casts and send them at parcel shipping rates. Sending scans is as easy as sending an email. Your turnaround will be faster and there's no risk of loss or breakage.

  • Save money - no ongoing cost of materials.

  • Ease-of-use - 3d-scanning requires a less specialised skill set, and is not difficult to master.

  • Choice of equipment - there are flat bed style scanners with laser alignment for perfect measurement, or you can go portable with an iPad attached scanner. The current generation of mobile phones are beginning to offer exciting 3d scanning capabilities.

  • High tech - Scanners are getting better and cheaper at a rapid pace. Your patients can be confident that you're applying cutting edge technology to their care.

As long as your scanner can produce STL or OBJ files, our lab can use them with our manufacturing processes. There are many options out there and the technology is becoming more common.


We have personal experience with the following systems;

Structure Sensor for iPad (also branded as iSense or 3dSizeMe). This is a portable unit that attaches to your iPad. -

We recommend the Structure Scan SDK app which you can use to email the scans to yourself along with notes (and the patient's name), and is free on the app store. The app needs to export in STL or OBJ.

Sensor Medica Podoscan - this device integrates with FreeStep software and the rest of Sensor Medica's range of podiatry equipment. It offers excellent scans and more specialised alignment and foot loading options. -

Our companion company distributes this scanner in Australia. Visit

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